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Dr. Rafael Sandrea is President of IPC Petroleum Consultants, Inc., a Tulsa-based international petroleum consulting firm that specializes in oil and gas reserves appraisals and risk analysis for international upstream petroleum investments.

A life member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers and member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the forthcoming Petroleum Encyclopedia, the Board of The Open Petroleum Engineering Journal, and of the UN Ad Hoc Group of Experts on Fossil Resources, Dr. Sandrea has published over 30 technical papers, eight within the last four years. His latest publications cover areas such as risk analysis for international upstream petroleum investments, appraisal of global oil and gas reserves, development of algorithms for estimating the production capacity of new oil fields, global offshore oil reserves potential, assessment of global oil and gas resources and their potential for enhanced oil recovery.

Below are two clips from the 2008 Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) held May 5th - 8th in Houston, Texas.

An easy to understand animated short summarizing Peak Oil.


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