It takes oil to create ethanol (a corn based fuel), it takes oil to make plastic, to make computers, to build economies and nations - oil is needed.

As we progress into the future, supplies will tighten and oil prices will increase further. We've already felt the ripples from the recent rises of commodity pricing. And as demand from developing nations combines with an ever dwindling supply - the global economy will soon begin to feel the squeeze. So what does the future hold, no one knows. Obviously we must find renewable energy solutions, but for them to become our major energy supply is a long time away and thus oil will remain an intricate part of our society.

We can wish it, we can dream it, but it will never be, oil is not renewable, and therefore in time it must be realized that THERE WILL BE NO OIL.

According to the IEA's World Energy Outlook for 2007: "An abrupt escalation of oil prices after 2015 as a result of a global supply crisis cannot be ruled out."

" . . . it is very uncertain whether new oil production in the period to 2015 will be enough to compensate for the natural falloff in output from existing oil fields and keep pace with the projected increase in demand."

"The consequences of unfettered growth in world energy demand are alarming."

We must remain aware of our options now, make the best decisions looking forward, and be prepared in all possible situations.

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