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Did We Get it Right this Time?
Mar 4th, 15

Oil is the New Gold
Aug 25th, 11

Since OPEC has set $85/bbl on oil as the new benchmark they use to price their oil, investors should pay attention to owning oil as a commodity in the ground and ride the ever-spiking upward trend of pricing over the next 10 years. The new post-meltdown of the global economy has given rise to crude oil as "the new gold". Since 1859 oil has enabled and defined our economic, social and political landscape. Throughout this time, abundant supply ensured low, stable prices and the inner working of the oil industry remained relatively obscure. Following a century and a half of relative calm, oil prices have become much more volatile as the sustainability and growth of reliable supply sources have been brought into question. Prices are no longer determined by supply and demand, but rather by daily global wholesale oil markets. Oil prices cannot stabilize without the dramatic action on the part of both government and business. Changes have taken place in the oil markets during the past twenty years, and particularly the last five, as investment banks, energy hedge funds, and managed futures funds have come to dominate energy trading and wreak havoc on global oil prices. The world has moved towards an oil environment defined by volatility. Traditional pricing mechanisms will no longer govern the oil market. The new international oil environment of increasing consolidation and decreasing competition allows investors to navigate price volatility and accept the market price of crude is only headed in one direction---upwards.

Larry Milnes, Eno Petroleum Corporation

Comfortable With High Oil Prices ... by Sam Fletcher
Jun 14th, 11

A savvy investor in today’s market finds little solace in researching where to place hard earned investment capital, and even less direction relative to balancing a portfolio. Traditional considerations and applications run rampant across the board while very few targets provide multiple advantages worthy of catching one’s attention. This article suggests a long awaited line of resistance definition for those seeking prudent insight as to the “new benchmark” OPEC is using for its budget, or in short --- “the bottom line OPEC is willing to accept for crude oil”. This is good news for all concerns as it stabilizes the market. Only the much higher range of pricing, say above $115.00/BO, will awaken the high volatility. This opinion when added to the tax advantages for direct oil and gas drilling investments somewhat “close the loop”, at least for now, and solidly bolsters oil and gas investment opportunities as the number one investment and tax shelter in these troubled times. Crude oil as the global currency is here to stay.

Larry Milnes, Eno Petroleum Corporation

KPMG: Most oil execs expect 2011 oil prices to exceed $121/bbl
Jun 1st, 11

A majority of oil executives are predicting that oil prices will exceed $121/bbl for the rest of this year. They cite regulation, geopolitical concerns, and supply disruptions as well as escalating energy demand as the drivers of this price issue. These executives also see an increase in capital spending and hiring as positive indicators for the energy industry and economy as a whole.

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