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Eno Petroleum Corporation is an independent oil and gas company primarily engaged in the upstream activities of acquiring, developing, exploiting, exploring and producing oil and gas in core areas of operation: onshore Southern California, Michigan, Texas, Louisiana, Nevada, and the Gulf Coast region of the United States.

Eno Petroleum Corporation works with Industry Partners and qualified oil and gas investors to fund programs meeting the strict approval guidelines used successfully since 1983.

Interested parties can contact Eno for information at info@enopetroleum.com.


1. Total petroleum products delivered to the domestic market in December 2013: 19,171,000 b/d (December 2012: 18,120,000 b/d). [API]

2. U.S. petroleum imports (crude & products) in December 2013: 9,064,000 barrels per day (December 2012: 9,644,000 b/d). [API]

3. Total imports in December 2013 as a percentage of total domestic petroleum deliveries: 47.3 percent (December 2012: 53.2 percent). [API]

4. Persian Gulf petroleum imports (net) in October 2013 as a percentage of total imports: 34.3 percent (October 2012: 34.3 percent). [DOE]

5. Average price for a barrel of OPEC crude oil for December 2013: $107.67 per barrel.  (December 2012: $106.55 per barrel) [OPEC]

6. Average U.S. refiner acquisition cost in November 2013 for a barrel of crude oil: $93.83 per barrel.  (November 2012: $96.78 per barrel) [DOE]

7. U.S. crude oil production in December 2013: 8,106,000 b/d (of which 580,000 b/d was Alaskan) (December 2012: 7,077,000 b/d). U.S. production of natural gas liquids in December 2013: 2,721,000 b/d (December 2012: 2,415,000 b/d). [API]

8. U.S. marketed natural gas production in October 2013: 70.8 billion cubic feet per day (October 2012: 70.0 billion cf/d). [DOE]

9. U.S. deliveries from primary storage of motor gasoline in December 2013: 8,767,000 b/d (December 2012: 8,389,000 b/d). [API]

10. U.S. deliveries from primary storage of distillate fuel oil (home heating and diesel) in December 2013: 3,736,000 b/d (December 2012: 3,529,000 b/d). [API]

11. Average active rotary drilling rigs in the U.S. as of December 2013: 1,771, up from November 2013 at 1,756 (all-time high of 4,530 announced 12/28/81; record low of 488 announced 4/23/99). [Baker Hughes Inc., Houston]


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